Size 6.5 - Golden Hour Ring

Size 6.5 - Golden Hour Ring


I’m a sucker for new beginnings - the first shoots of grass, the first rays of sun, the first mark of pen on paper. But I love the familiar, too. Those well-worn paths that my feet could follow in the dark.

This is probably why I love the seasons so much - they’re the perfect balance between the start of something new and a return to my foundation.

So, as the land begins to welcome spring in earnest: a return to an old idea with a new design. The Golden Hour rings - for the moments that hover between night and day, solid ground and open air. Garden quartz, sterling, and 14k gold. 

•••••••• Details ••••••••

This ring features a unique Lodolite (or, as it’s often called, Garden Quartz) cabochon set in a 14k gold bezel. The setting measures approximately 23mm x 17mm.

The band is embellished with my signature dot trail, an open stamped circle to represent the sun, and twinkling star cutout on the side. It measures a size 7 on a mandrel, but will fit about 1/2 smaller due to the width of the band - so it will best fit a size 6.5.

Please note - this listing is for the ring shown in the first two photos!!

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