Size 6.75 - Aeolian Soul Ring

Size 6.75 - Aeolian Soul Ring


Recently, I learned a new word:


My first thought after learning this word, after rolling it around in my head for a moment, was of my dear mustang boy - mane streaming, hooves pounding out thunder as he raced across the sage-ridden prairies of his birth.

Aeolian means, “of the wind” - and he is, through and through.

It’s been at the front of my mind ever since, this newfound descriptor, conjuring images of zephyrs and hooves and open spaces. And as a result, this frisky trio has come loose from the sheet and set my fingers flying.

They make me want to run. To prance. To toss my mane like some wild thing. I may just do all three for the joy of it.

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This saddle-style ring, embellished with a wild horse spirit and the most vivid Kingman turquoise I could find, is approximately 38mm from top to bottom. It measures a size 7 on a mandrel, but will fit about 1/4 smaller due to the width of the band - so it will best fit a size 6.75.

Please note - this listing is for the ring shown in the first two photos!!

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