April Showers Necklace

April Showers Necklace


There’s a reason why I don’t officially put my winter clothes away until June.

Though temperatures were in the 70’s last weekend (perfect for our fence building adventures!!), Monday it snowed for most of the day. Fat, wet flakes blanketed the ground and our new fence posts and rails were capped with several inches of white as well. It’s lovely. It’s crazy. It’s Colorado in the springtime.

But now, on to jewelry.

I designed this necklace while imagining rain falling from high clouds onto the expectant prairie below. The stone, a matte finished picture jasper, is one I thought I’d forever keep for myself as it so beautifully captures this land I love - but when I pulled it from the drawer it let me know that it was time to set it in silver and let it fly. All those new spring beginnings and whatnot.

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This necklace features a matte picture jasper cabochon, a cascade of chains below, and two forged silver wires to hold the pendant steady around your neck. The pendant measures approximately 35mm x 25mm and the pendant and wires measure approximately 17.25 inches around. The necklace closes with a hand-forged hook.

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