King's Manassa Turquoise Laurels Necklace

King's Manassa Turquoise Laurels Necklace


I am learning, in my slow and halting way, that I can be sure of myself and my choices while still remaining soft. It’s a challenge for sure - as my tendency is to become stuck in my beliefs, rigid to the point where I lose my ability to see what is in front of me.

Sometimes when I find myself in these moments, I try imagine I’m a sliver of river ice…sure, I could change by allowing myself to fall upon the rocky bank and shatter into a million pieces. But maybe a slow melt, a return to a more fluid form - maybe that’s the way forwards.

For your fierce gentleness. For your wild and honest resolve. For your heart so strong and wide open that it can drink in the curve of the earth and the vastness of the sky, yet still find wonder in a leaf no bigger than a pinky nail. For all the things you love about yourself and all the things that are still in progress. A strand of laurels for your neck - for in showing up for yourself today, you are already victorious.

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This necklace features seventeen King’s Manassa turquoise cabochons and measures approximately 16 inches in length. The chain is finished with a hand-forged hook.

NOTE : This piece can be worn shorter by simply slipping the hook through a link in the chain!

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