The Meetingplace - Giclee Print

The Meetingplace - Giclee Print


There is a place
That existed once before my eyes
But now sits only in memory.

A Meeting Place;
Where the brightness of the snow
Met the darkness of the clouds.
Where autumn’s last gasp
Met winter’s first song.
Where the self I was saw first
The self I was becoming and embraced
The new day as an old friend.
I’ve long wanted to share some of my photography in a more tangible and lasting way - and finally I’ve made a start with a handful of fine art quality gliclee prints, locally printed (yay for artists supporting artists!!) and ready to add a little magic to your home.

I decided to begin with this image, The Meeting Place, because it is one of the most meaningful and beautiful views I’ve ever had the honor to view through a lens. It captures a moment of peace in the meadow where Eric and I got married - the brittle grasses and autumn aspens transformed overnight by a fresh blanket of snow and the first rays of the rising sun.

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This giclee print measures 10” x 12” (an 8” x 10” image with a 1” white border") and is printed on weighty and luxurious watercolor paper. Each copy has been titled, signed, and dated individually (with love!) by my own right hand.

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