Plainswoman Earrings - Orvil Jack Turquoise

Plainswoman Earrings - Orvil Jack Turquoise


For me, it always comes back to horses.

Every. Single. Time.

Their speed, their wildness, their gentleness - even if I lived forever, I’d never be able to learn all they have to teach.

For the rest of you horse-crazy souls, a new pair of earrings - ridiculously unique turquoise stones set atop feathery plumes of white horse hair (to mingle with your own wild mane).

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These earrings feature two minty green Orvil Jack turquoise cabochons. The settings measure approximately 10mm x 17mm and the whole earring measures 80mm from the top of the hook to the bottom of the horsehair. Please note - this listing is for the earrings shown in the first three photos!

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