Sage Necklace

Sage Necklace


There was a time when I thought
Wisdom came from having
Enough knowledge and experience
To always have the answers.
And I thought I’d never be able to claim
Myself wise,
Because that level of knowing seemed
Wholly unachievable.

But maybe,
(just maybe),
Wisdom actually springs
From the realization that we are
Just one tiny, beautiful piece
Of a much larger puzzle.
And to feel that interconnectedness
Between us and the earth,
Us and each other,
We must also accept that
In the grand and glorious
Scheme of things,
It’s ok to know nothing at all.

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This necklace features a picture jasper cabochon in the center with green turquoise settings branching off and up the chain. The picture jasper setting measures approximately 32mm x 34mm. The chain is approximately 17 inches long and is finished with a hand-forged hook.

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