Size 5 - Alpenglow Ring

Size 5 - Alpenglow Ring


One of my favorite things about winter (and trust me, there are many things I love about this season so it’s hard to pick favorites!!) is the fact that the sun comes up later in the morning. It’s not that I like the dark, no - it’s that I see so many more sunrises this time of year.

I could live forever in that soft orange glow, the one that sweeps across the prairies and washes the mountains pink just after the sun peeks over the horizon. It’s worth it to brave the cold, to have to put my camera down because the alpenglow is too lovely to view through a lens. They don’t call it the Golden Hour for nothing - but those first few minutes of light are always the most beautiful in my eyes.

I’ve made a small, precious collection of rings to put into metal what I feel when I’m soaking up those first rays, my breath forming clouds in the still morning. A quartet of Alpenglow rings - rare and magical Blue Moon turquoise paired with solid 14k rose gold bezels and bands to capture the meeting place of pink mountains, illuminated by the rising sun, and the winter sky.

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This ring measures approximately 11mm x 12mm across the setting and features a luminous Blue Moon turquoise cabochon. It will best fit a size 5.

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