Size 8 - Blossom Ring

Size 8 - Blossom Ring


I’m happily settled in my winter state of mind - cold air is just good for my soul.

But more and more, I’m preparing for the shift from brittle to lush. From sage to emerald. I’m almost ready to greet the green and growing things again - to wonder at the tulips and catch the scent of blossoms on a warming wind. I can’t help but be a little excited to see the crabapples and the cherries, awash with petals.

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This ring measures approximately 20mm across and features a delicate pink and red fossilized coral bloom placed in the center of floral inspired dimensional setting. It measures a size 8.5 on a mandrel, but will fit about 1/2 smaller due to the width of the band - so it will best fit a size 8.

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