Size 8 - Traveler Ring

Size 8 - Traveler Ring


I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m the kind of person who could be happy staying within a very small radius of home for my entire life. I’ve come to find that it’s not that I’m uninterested in that which exists outside my little bubble - it’s more that every time I leave, I feel like I’m missing things. There’s so much happening and changing RIGHT HERE in this beloved landscape of mine, I don’t know how to step away.

In this sense, Eric and I are very much NOT cut from the same cloth. He loves variety - seeing new and different things, changing the scenery, heading off on the next adventure. The last couple of years have seen us pretty homebound for a variety of reasons - but it’s time to balance things out a little bit. So this year we’ve decided to spend more time exploring.

And in thinking about all the places our little pack may go in the coming months, I built this trio of rings. A wolf, on the move. Pine tree details like arrows, pointing the way. And dreamy Golden Hills Lavender turquoise - because dreams are where it all begins.

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This saddle-style ring is approximately 27mm from top to bottom. It measures a size 8.25 on a mandrel, but will fit about 1/4 smaller due to the width of the band - so it will best fit a size 8. Please note - this listing is for the ring shown in the first photo!!

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