Autumn in the East


I'm a sucker for autumn. I love the cooler temperatures, the colors. The way the light casts slanted shadows through branches that are becoming more bare by the day. Historically, this is the time of year when I've felt the most creative - but autumn here in Northern California is a little lackluster. The past two years I've felt like I missed out on the season and the chance to reenergize myself and begin again with fresh perspectives. So this year, Eric and I decided to head east and visit my brother in the Boston area to get our autumn fix.

While I've been to Boston quite a few times for visits, this trip was a little different. We spent much less time in the city and much more time out exploring the landscapes. We had so much fun identifying new plants and snapping pictures of the light coming through the leaves...every moment spent in the woods felt like taking the deepest of breaths. 


My whole life I have kept track of time using a climate that showcases four distinct seasons, and I  needed the chance to see the land falling into rest before winter. The ebb and flow of energy that goes along with the seasons orients me and keeps me from getting stuck in place (which is definitely something I struggle with that in California, as 80 and 90 degree days are still happening at this time of year). 

After spending just 6 days in this autumnal paradise, I felt the shift. The return to the old, well worn patterns of being that I've been missing. The creative fire has been lit again - with glowing red maple leaves in mind, it's time to get making.