Out of Town

On Saturday morning, we packed up the car, kissed a pair of kitty heads goodbye, and headed south. After a handful of hours (and some harrowing traffic!) we finally found ourselves in the beach town of Cambria.

And it wasn't long before we made a friend. After all, what better way to bond than by catching some sun to to warm oneself from the Pacific chill? 

Three years ago, we came to live in California for the summer while Eric took an internship for school. After road tripping all the way from Colorado, Cambria was our first stop in the golden state - and I've been wanting to go back ever since. 

The reason? Moonstone Beach.

The shoreline is a rainbow of small stones, all polished to a soft shine by the rolling waves. So many patterns and textures...it's like being a kid in a candy store. I'm not ashamed to say that I (over)filled my pockets. 


And when I least expected it, with the sea breeze in my hair and the sun in my eyes, he asked a question. And I said yes.

After finding some dinner up the road, we found ourselves driving back to the coast during the golden hour. And I tell you - there is no time more beautiful in these hills than right before the sun sets. I was snapping pictures in a frenzy, trying to capture it all (impossible) before the land faded into evening. 

After one last stroll through the fog, the morning saw us on the road again. Only this time, our bags were a little heavier (all those stones!) and our hearts infinitely lighter.