On the Water


Summers here in my little corner of Northern California are interesting in the sense that the middle portion, where you'd imagine the heat would be the worst, often isn't too bad because every night the coastal fog rolls in and cools everything off. But right at the beginning of the summer and right at the end, when the fog is no longer helping out, things can get toasty. 

I'm pretty adamant about not turning on the air conditioning unless I'm absolutely melting, but at the beginning of this heat wave I broke down. As luck would have it, our air conditioner refused to come on and we've been dealing with all sorts of people trying to fix the problem ever since. And we've been keeping warm. Very warm. Big sigh.  

This last weekend, I suggested we beat the heat by hauling our kayaks up north to Lake Sonoma. The water is cool and clear, and it's easy to jump out of the boats and into the water if you start feeling hot. It took a lot of effort to get out of the house in the morning, but oh was it worth it in the end.


PS - No cameras were splashed (or dropped in the lake) during the making of this blog post. Which is probably a miracle!