Rainy Day Blues

When I think of winter, I think cold. I think snow and ice, my car in 4 wheel drive, the mountains dusted in white. Winter has always seemed a time of rest to me, a time to lie still and watchful. I look to the frozen landscape, the miles of sage and brittle grasses, and wait for spring to thaw my bones and set me running once more.

But California has a different idea of winter. One that is GREEN. And rainy. And muddy. It is a time of intense growth and life despite the relatively thin and slanted sunlight. I love seeing the plants paint the land green, so even though it feels sort of wrong (I miss snow!), I try to take a moment and revel in their beauty every day as this is the most alive these hills will ever be.

While the green of a California winter is glorious, the grey - the grey really brings me down. Colorado doesn’t have many dark and dreary days as the sun almost always makes an appearance. I remember when I was in 4th grade and learning about the state’s history, my teacher told a story about a hotel that would give you your room for free if there was a day where the sun didn’t shine. So to go from a place with relatively bright winters to one where there can be days on end of drizzly grey outside…let’s just say it’s not pretty. To add to this, our apartment only has north facing windows, meaning natural light is minimal and precious. Waking up is a chore. Getting to work sometimes feels impossible.

I do my best to combat the rainy day blues though, spending a lot of time sitting next to a little full spectrum light. I carry it around with me from room to room, plugging it in near wherever I’m working, trying to trick my mind into believing that the sunlight has returned. Surprisingly it works pretty well and I am fairly functional most days! Though I will admit, sometimes a quick cat nap in the afternoon becomes a necessity.

Luckily for me, tomorrow I’ll be ditching this rainy weather as Eric and I head to the desert - it’s finally time for the Tucson Gem Show! I cannot wait for the dry heat and the sun (oh the sun!!) that will be waiting for us when we arrive. And the stones…I can’t wait for those either. Wish us luck - I’m sure there’ll be all sorts of magic to share when we get back!