Snow Day

Colorado gifted us snow today.

The forecast this morning said rain, but I looked up from the bench mid-afternoon to see huge, downy clumps of flakes falling like little clouds. You can bet I ripped off my respirator (I was mid-solder) and threw on a pair of shoes (Eric's sandals - they were the closest at hand) lickety-split. And then I ran out the back door and into the flurry.


My hair is still a little damp and only a little white remains on the grass - but I'm still smiling. I hope snow never loses its magic for me.

Now, I suppose, it's time to get back to work - this time, beading some Little Cloud earrings for Saturday's shop update. But, in honor of the snow, I'm letting myself camp out on the couch, surrounded by cats, with a cup of tea to my right. If anyone asks, I'll just say the snow made me do it.