The wind has been fierce, scouring the land clean one last time before allowing it to shake off winter's grasp. 

Out at the barn, I watch the big gusts roll in while Cirrus grazes. At first, I see only a haziness, far off - but then the tops of trees begin to sway, ever closer, stirring the clouds above into a dizzying froth. I turn my shoulder towards the oncoming rush of air and take a tighter hold on the lead rope, waiting for the squall to break around me with a roar of branches and a spray of dust.

And yet amongst the motion and commotion there are moments of dreamlike stillness - soft green shoots poking up from the earth and first leaves unfurling. There is light and life and I cannot look away.

Luminous Prehnite. Budding branches. Luxurious sterling saddle bands. I’ve made some rings for you, to capture this early Colorado springtime. Sizes 6.75, 8.5, and 9.5 - in the shop later this evening!