May Day


Colorado is bloomin' and I've been unashamedly sticking my face into every flower I encounter.

I will sheepishly admit that, a couple of weeks ago, I was complaining about how I was ready for spring to be over. In California, the season began way back in January and I was feeling ready for the shifting weather to settle and for the trees to be fully leafed out. But I was wrong - all of this colorful craziness has me falling in love all over again. I'll take my second spring without any more complaints.


Some of the flowers I was most excited to see were the peach tulips growing at my parents' house. They've always been a favorite. There were a couple of years where they didn't do very well, and I worried they were just going to die off for good - but somehow they've come back better than ever. I love the color (especially with the light coming through the petals - I'm smitten!) and the smell is so sweet and perfect - I've made it very clear that when it comes time to divide the bulbs, I want all the extras for my own yard!


What's coming into bloom where you are? Is it feeling like spring?

Oh, and PS : happy May - rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

PPS : sorry, Mom, for walking in the daffodil bed!