Today I took my lunch, a book, and the cats into the backyard for an hour. Outdoor temperatures this week have definitely been in the “shorts weather” category, but inside I still get a chill without long pants - so hoody-clad I sat in the full sun and watched cotton tufts from the cottonwoods drift by like the tiniest cloud puffs. It felt like such a treat to take a little rest.

I don't’ ever have to worry about Storm in the backyard - he’s content to stay within the fenced boundary. Eleanore, however, is another story. She’s like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park - always testing the perimeter in the hopes of escaping. She’ll climb the fence. She’ll scale a tree. Once I caught her trying to dig underneath. Little devil.

I suppose, if I think about it, I’m a lot like Storm. For the most part I’m pretty content to exist where I’m at. I can always find something new in my surroundings, that I missed the last time around, to examine and wonder about. Eric is definitely more like Ellie, though. He wants to go OUT and see what is new and different in the world. So we compromise a lot and most days meet somewhere in the middle. 

There are two things in this world guaranteed to make me burst into tears in a wink - horses running free and wide open spaces. If I see either (or both!) of these things in a picture, more than likely I’ll be a little misty-eyed. If I see them in a movie or on tv? Then the tears are a little harder to hold back. And don’t even get me started about seeing frolicking horses or impossibly gorgeous landscapes with my own two eyes - then it’s all I can do not to lose it in response to the beauty of it all.

Picture jasper, a wild silver pony, and whimsical hoof prints on the backs - these rings are tearjerkers, for sure. All three are now in the shop (sizes 7, 8, and 9).


In other news, I've had a couple of excellent mail days. 

A goal I set for myself this year was to really make my workspace inspiring. Because how something is made matters - and where it’s made is also something I’ve realized is really important to me. A full studio makeover is currently in the ideation (and, let’s be honest, money saving) process, but a couple of weeks ago I let myself get a couple of little things to make the waiting feel a little less severe.

So - an old enamel tray to replace the bland cookie sheet that sat under my soldering board and a vintage Dutch biscuit tin to make my plier and file storage a little prettier too. And that’s a fine start if I do say so myself.