Home is Where the Heart Is

The garden is planted - in the past it was only flowers that excited me, but I’m actually really excited to have some veggies this year, too!

 Our first house guest is here - one of Eric’s coworkers from San Francisco. 

The walls are painted - Chantilly Lace and Pigeon Gray have given the pine walls new life.

It’s been a couple of months of non-stop work, but seeing it all come together is warming me up from the inside - every minute, even the hard ones, have been worth it.


It’s true that there’s still much to do - we need a dining table and to hang the living room light. All of the switch plate covers need to be replaced (because, literally, none of them match!). And the studio - who knows when I’ll get that project finished! 

But I’m trying to remind myself to focus on what’s done and not worry about the timeline. Because I have time. And sometimes, the most important thing I can do is simply rest a moment and enjoy this beautiful life I’m lucky enough to be living.