My younger brother graduated high school on Saturday. High above the rows of students, all draped in primary blue, we watched as his name was called and he made the walk across the stage. Even quiet me let out a cheer.

It feels strange for me to think that my own high school graduation was 7 years ago. I keep thinking back to who I was at that point and to where I thought my life was taking me. It makes me laugh because of how different things have turned out - but in my opinion (which I think is the one that matters here), they’ve turned out for the better so all is well.

Because of the big event, there’s been family in town - there have been trails to hike, food to eat, and people I love around every corner. Yesterday finally saw things winding down as people began to head their separate ways…and getting back to my routine felt a little like falling off of a cliff. But I know this about myself : getting my bearings again is tricky, but I always make it if I just take a breath and let myself relax into it.


Yesterday also saw me finishing up the final Queen of May piece - a glorious hair barrette that I may have to take for a test drive (test wear?) today. She’s in the shop now, ready and waiting for a wild-hearted adventuress to take her out into the world.


So now I’m picking up where I left off - allowing all the unfinished pieces on my bench to call to me. Though I’m sad to see everyone go, I’m happy to fall into the making again. This will be my last week of quiet for awhile (more on that this weekend!!) and I’m making the most of it.