Back in December, the night after we walked through our house for the first time, we decided that the pine paneled ceiling and the walls of the main space needed…an update. And somehow, I got it in my head that the perfect color for the living room walls would be a dove gray.

Fast forward to our arrival in Colorado back in March. With a book of paint colors in my hands I flipped through and immediately landed on the grey I’d been dreaming about - and wouldn’t you know it, but the color was called “Pigeon Gray.” Though perhaps not as pretty a name as “Dove Gray,” that’s a sign if I’ve ever seen one. 

This morning we drove to the paint store at 7:30am and picked up a couple gallons of the stuff. And though, upon first opening the can, you might be thinking that it just looks like a lightish grey, this color is special. As it dries it darkens and takes on a slightly purplish hue, like the underbelly of a rain-laden storm cloud.

The first coat is up - and I’m over the moon. It is elegant. It is tranquil. I almost can’t believe that this is the same space. I think I picked the right color.