Looking Glass

Well I went and did it. Spent every penny of my business savings.

And as I opened the box I had that feeling of, why oh why did I do this?

But I also thought, oh holy moly - this is going to change everything. WHAT CAN I PHOTOGRAPH?

Because, you may have guessed it, I got myself a new looking glass. A zoom lens that will better help me to capture the little slivers of this world that make me want to make. I mean, look at these two pictures - taken on the fly without moving my feet. They feel so different to me - one close and personal, the other a celebration of space and wide-openness. I love both. I can’t pick a favorite. I no longer have to.


And it’s arrival was perfectly timed, too, as Eric and I head out to Hawaii to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Though we’re currently sitting in Los Angeles, hours delayed, I’m holding onto that happy feeling of untapped potential and dreaming of all the things my new photography companion and I will discover in the next week - and beyond!


Hayley JosephsComment