Let it Snow

It snowed yesterday. And today, too. Big, fat flakes that weighed down the just-leafing branches and blanketed the yard in a layer of the best snowball-making-barely-frozen-slush we’ve seen all year. Ponderosa was beside herself. This, apparently, is her favorite kind of snow.

It was too much, too beautiful, this late season flurry - and so I took myself on a little photography date to a row of crabapple trees I knew were blooming. They sit along a busy street, but under the snow and blossom laden boughs that shielded me from passing cars there was a stillness. An ease. Another facet of a magnificent season.


And then I came home, with a little souvenir to keep me company, and finished up a few new jewels. And wouldn’t you know it, the sun came out just as I finished up. Mark my words, it’ll be back in the 70’s within a day or two - but for now I say, let it snow.

Hayley JosephsComment