Hello, hello! It’s so nice to have you here - won’t you step into the garden and rest for a spell?


We’ve got tomatoes aplenty, herbs galore! Soon the watermelons will be rambling and the pumpkins vining…just add a little sun, a little water and presto! Magic! I promise - just wait and see.


And here? We’ve got a trio of spindly fruit trees, all skinny branches and new leaves reaching up and up. I know they say that it takes 5 to make an orchard, but you’ll have to excuse me for breaking that rule - because I call them an orchard all the time.


There’s the Saturn peach, up close to the house, and the Montmorency cherry in the middle - and that leafy twig on the end? The one that comes just past my knee and arrived wrapped carefully in a cardboard box, bare roots ready to be placed in the earth? Well - she’s the literal apple of my eye. A Mountain Rose apple tree that will someday gift us with a riot of blossoms in the spring and tart, pink fleshed fruit in the fall. Daily I sit with her and lavish my love - she hears me, I know it.


So put your feet up - Ponderosa won’t mind if you scoot her off of the second chair. It’s a beautiful morning and we’ve nowhere to be.

Hayley JosephsComment