Rise and Shine Acai Bowl

This morning I am packing/organizing/running around like a mad-woman because, in a few short hours, my best friend and I are headed up to the mountains.

We’ve talked about doing a little artist’s retreat like this for years - just the two of us running wild among the pines…but this year we finally made it happen! So I’m looking forward to a few days of fresh air and creative play that’s sorely needed. But, as I said, there’s quite a bit that still needs doing before we pile in the truck and head west.

So, first things first - I made breakfast.

I’ve had a mild obsession with acai bowls for a few years now. It’s that crazy beautiful purple color, the multitude of toppings…I just cannot get enough! And the fact that they give me a major boost of energy is always helpful on days like this. Anyhow, as I was sitting down to enjoy today’s acai creation, I thought I might just write out the recipe in case you’d like to try it too!


Rise and Shine Acai Bowl

(Makes enough for two bowls)

Blend together :

1 100g package of frozen, unsweetened acai
1/2 frozen banana (you can use a whole frozen banana if you’d like a sweeter bowl!)
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup oat milk

The mixture will get quite thick - I use a blender tamper to help things along a little! Also, feel free to add a little more oat milk to get the mixture to blend.

Top With :

Well, whatever you’ve got! A few of our favorite toppings include :

Bee Pollen
Cacao nibs
Fresh fruit
A drizzle of honey
Coconut flakes

And with that, I’m off to finish getting ready (because I’ve probably already been typing too long!). Wish us luck, and happy breakfasting!