Keeping Busy


Ponderosa insists I acknowledge that today is International Dog Day. And, as a follow up, she also insists that I share a few snaps of what will likely be our last kayak outing of the year. Because she is truly the BEST and BRAVEST corgi swimmer that ever there was and she thinks everyone should know.


Just don’t tell her I shared that last photo…

What can I say? Even when she’s shaking water all over me (and making ridiculous faces at the same time), she’s my girl.

Around here, I feel like I’ve been pretty quiet. Not only on the Instagram front but also in my day-to-day. I’ve been staying close to home, planning and dreaming and scheming. Picking out  plants for next year’s garden, deciding on sites for a couple camping trips we hope to fit in next month, laying the groundwork for a handful of trips that we’ve been lining up like beads on a string.

We went to the farmer’s market and got a case of peaches, too, which kept me busy for a day. Because when I say case, I mean sixty. Sixty peaches. I’m on a roll.

It started with the pesto…and then I started freezing extra tomatoes, too. And I’ve been so excited, thinking about being able to be able to eat these things I’m saving when the weather turns cold, that I just couldn’t help myself. So the peaches were bought, sliced, and frozen too. Honestly the freezer is getting so full we’ll have to start eating all these goodies now if we ever want to see it empty again.


I think focusing on planning for the fall is helping me to get through these last hot weeks of summer. I’m so busy daydreaming about cooler weather and falling leaves that the day’s have been slipping by. And I’m trying not to wish them away - really, truly - but it’s hard.

The studio got a big shuffle recently, too. Sometimes rearranging furniture and moving through a space in a different way really helps to get my mind turning in new ways, too. And that’s what I was hoping for as I dive into work for the September restock.

Mostly it was just swapping the corners where my bench and the live edge table sit. But I also needed to make room for my new rolling mill (which I’m very, VERY excited about - even if I’m not totally sure of all the things I’d like to use it for yet). I even put together a vase of flowers from the backyard as a little gift to myself for getting everything put in its place. 

This is the room where the magic happens…and it’s still in progress, still morphing and changing as I find my rhythm. It’ll probably never be “done” - in fact, I hope it never is. It feels so personal to share, though. Because here’s my whole heart projected into a space. 


There are a few other ways I’ve been keeping busy, too - and in a lot of ways they are the most exciting thing I’ve been working on (but I’ve got no pictures…because…well, you’ll see).

The first is that I’ve started an email list. FINALLY. I’ve just been thinking a lot about what would happen if I lost my Instagram page. If it was hacked or if my photos and words were somehow lost. I’d be lost too, I think. I just wanted a way to be able to reach out with the important stuff, just in case.

Basically I plan on sending out three types of emails : restock reminders (the day before pieces land in the shop) and giveaway/sale announcements. And there will be some extra perks, too. Like getting a five minute head start on restock days. Or an extra giveaway entry. Maybe early access to sales or better deals. I want to use it to say “thanks for being here!” in as many ways as possible. Because I am so, so thankful for you. So, you know - if you think you might be interested in any of that, drop your email at the bottom of the page and I’ll be in touch!

I’ve also spent a good many hours migrating my store over to a new site. The blog will still be here, but the shop itself will be hosted elsewhere so I can offer a few more ways to get your hands on my work (just think LAYAWAY…so exciting!).

More to share soon - that’s a promise!

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