Jewelry Photography

Back in 2016, I set out to make and sell jewelry online. But I quickly realized that making was only half the job.

See, when you sell via a digital shop, people only have the photos you share to decide if the piece you’ve created is something that they really connect with. Which means, unfortunately, that even the most beautiful works of art can be overlooked based solely on the pictures that represent them. Add to this the fact that jewelry is notoriously difficult to photograph (due to it’s small scale and reflective surfaces) and, as a maker, getting great pictures can seem like a huge and tedious mountain to overcome.

So why have me photograph your work?

What I realized early on is that the way to bring out the best in a piece is by taking a photograph that helps to tell the story of what you’ve created. It should not only visually describe what a piece looks like but also help show how it will feel to wear.

What do the textures feel like? Is the piece weighty? Delicate?

Does the piece evoke your inner calm? Bring up your wildness? Pull you straight back to a fond memory or have you dreaming of future adventures? 

Being able to answer these questions and more in a single, still frame is what I’ve spent the past few years chasing in my own photography - and it occurred to me that this knowledge might be something I could share to help you build your brand and help your creations find their people! 

To put it simply, I believe that all the hard work you’ve put into making your art deserves to be represented with photographs that carry just as much spirit and soul. And I believe I’m the girl for the job.

Here’s how it works :

You mail me the pieces you’d like photographed while I begin crafting a custom photoshoot for your creations. Just let me know the mood you’d like to evoke and I’ll gather the bits and pieces I need to help bring your story to life.

When your jewelry arrives, I’ll get shooting. Those photographs will then be edited to perfection and placed in a private, digital gallery where they’ll be available for you to download and use on Instagram, Facebook, your website, branding materials, etc., etc.

And then, just like that, I’ll mail your pieces back to you. Easy!

Having pieces photographed is an investment for sure, but one that I believe pays you back time and time again. Initially, good photography may help you sell a piece - but in the long run, it also helps you to build your brand, find your tribe, and pay homage to the incredible amount of work and skill it takes to turn stone and metal into wearable, heirloom artworks.

Pricing :

I decided to build my pricing a-la-carte style - so you can pick and choose exactly how you’d like me to represent your work. At this moment, I’m offering three different types of photographs, each of which can be taken indoors or out.

Basic setup fee $20 - This allows me to gather items for your photoshoot or travel to an outdoor location that will best capture the spirit of your work. It also goes towards the setup of your online gallery.

Indoor Photoshoots

Individual Piece                    Group Shots                   Model Photos
$10/photo $15/photo $20/photo

Outdoor Photoshoots

Individual Piece                    Group Shots                   Model Photos
$15/photo $20/photo $25/photo

Insured, return shipping $TBD - After you let me know what you’ll be sending my way, I’ll calculate your return shipping. This shipping is based on the value of your work so, should things go awry in transit, you’re covered.

A few things to keep in mind:

If you’re hoping for an outdoor photoshoot, please remember that I live in Northern Colorado and the landscape and natural elements I find will undoubtedly reflect the season! Outdoor photoshoots may also take me a couple of days longer as I wait for the perfect light and weather conditions to appear.

Also, when I talk about model photos, I of course mean that I’ll be using myself! Where applicable, I’ll of course crop out my face so the focus stays on your work and how it fits when worn.

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