A Pat on the Back


I’ve been all in, throwing myself into my projects heart-first and with wild abandon. And it’s paying off, if I do say so myself. So, without further ado, a list containing a handful of accomplishments from the past four days:

1) Inviting my best friend over for (a semi-experimental) dinner - and having everything turn out delicious!
2) Finishing the construction of our garden fence
3) Filling the raised beds with dirt
4) Procuring the perfect pair of vintage metal chairs to place between the filled garden beds
5) Fabricating a weighty and sentimental graduation gift for a family member
6) Planting last year’s rolling garden beds handfuls of hope and zinnia seeds
7) Hanging sun sails over our back patio (so we won’t roast this summer!)
8) Bringing Ponderosa downtown and to breakfast - for the very first time
9) Picking out and bringing home all of our veggie plants

Looking at it now, this list honestly feels more like a gratitude list than anything else…I love when that happens.

OH - and one more thing that happened this weekend…

10) I finished a new necklace.


I know I say this about most pieces when I finish them, but THIS piece might be my favorite ever. I mean, come on - an ombre gradient of little Fox turquoise stones paired with a luscious Royston, too? Photographed among the blooming flax that’s currently painting the meadows periwinkle blue? It’s over-the-top and I’m in love.

If she’s calling your name, just know that this heirloom-quality piece will be in the shop for the next restock on 6/21 at 6pm Mountain time!